After the line of lab scale line has been established in our factory. we have established an other new pilot production line this year. Now, customers can understand the performance and characteristics of the equipment in close range .

  The pilot production line is made up of the following equipment:

  GHLZ-150 High Shear Mixer/Granulators

  FLZB-20 Multifunctional Fluid Bed Processor

  Movable type Dry Granulator

  The production line can carry out the test of the following functional units

   1 high shear mixing and granulating and drying and finishing unit


  GHLZ-150 High Shear Mixer/Granulators

  FLZB-20 Multifunctional Fluid Bed Processor

  Movable type Dry Granulator

  the principle of granulation:

  High shear mixing granulation is by stirring paddle which, material of the stereo motion and also by high-speed rotation of the cutting knife cut many times, leading to the formation of fine, uniform, round particles. High shear mixing and granulating, the main mechanism is the nucleation and aggregation, when the powder surface is in contact with the adhesive (wetting agent) nucleation begins, initial particle liquid bridge formation, nuclear in the stirring blades and cutting knife under the extrusion and wet materials gathered, merging particles increases. Increasing the fusion between particles requires the surface of the granular object to have excess water. The moisture from the continuous addition of adhesives (wetting agent) or through the constant accumulation of the role of moisture in the wet material to the surface of the formation of the water.

  In the granulation process, due to shear stress, the growth process of particles is also accompanied by the crushing process. The growth process and the dominant position of the crushing process by wet granulation of the mechanical strength and the shear force to decide. Wet granulation mechanical strength depends on the initial particle size; the magnitude of the shear stress with the stirring paddle and cutting knife structure and rate.

  Procedure Description:

  (1)According to the process requirements, the powder materials are added into granulating chamber. The materials can be mixed in a short time with the movement of the mixing paddle and the cutting knife,

  (2)According to the process requirements, under the appropriate suitable mixing paddle, cutting knife movement, binder and wetting agent is added into material chamber by the diaphragm pump and spray gun. We can get appropriate particle, under the centrifugal force of gravity and stirring paddles and cutting knife mechanical force.

  (3)According to the process requirements, wet particles are granulated by wet granulating machine with right hole size screen mesh and rotational speed. large particles are smashed, draw the materials into the fluid-bed to dry via the gravity and the negative pressure of the fluid-bed itself.

  (4)According to the process requirements, drying the wet particles, under the appropriate air inlet temperature and rate, air inlet humidity, material temperature ,

  (5)According to the process requirements, dry particles are granulated by dry granulating machine with right hole size screen mesh and rotational speed. (you can find the picture in our AI propaganda document) production-scale multifunctional fluid bed--- In the process of drying.

  2. Fluidized bed granulation


  FLZB-20 Multifunctional Fluid Bed

  Movable type Dry Granulator

  Working principles of granulation:

  The granulation process can be divided into 3 stages: Drying, Granulating, Coating.

  First of all, materials are bonded together by the adhesion effect of liquid bridge in the binder. The volume of granulates continue to expand, and finally into certain size.

  After drying, the liquid bridge between the powder and the powder is gradually changed into a solid bridge. The process is repeated, then we will get the ideal, uniform and porous spherical particles with round and round shape. Because of the fluidized bed granulation process is only affected by fluidized bed airflow , not affected by external force, as a result, the particles with low density and intensity, besides, particle size uniformity, mobility, and mouldability of the particles is good.

  Procedure Description:

  (1)According to the requirements of the process, powder materials are added into a material chamber, under the appropriate air inlet temperature and rate, atomization pressure, spray rate, air inlet humidity, material temperature , The powder material is assembled and bonded until the technological requirement is reached.

  (2)According to the requirements of the process, dry particles are granulated by dry granulating machine with right hole size screen mesh and rotational speed.

  3. Coating (Wurster system)

  The principle of coating (Bottom spray):

  The Wurster system is invented by the Dale Wurster at the the United States University of Wisconsin. The Wurster system is an important breakthrough in coating technology. Coating of small size material is impossible until the Wurster system is invented. The Wurster system is also play an important role in promoting the development of micro pellet technology. The spray gun which is arranged at the bottom of the fluidized bed is located in the center of the guide tube, the direction of the gun is upward. To achieve an orderly circular motion, the material is falling from the outside of the guide tube under the action of its own gravity, and flowing into the flow guide tube through the gap between the bottom plate and the guide tube. There is a certain distance between the partition and bottom screen, to ensure product flows smoothly from partition outside to inside. The product in the thrust of inlet airflow, and fall outside of partition when the gravity of product itself overcomes the weaker and weaker thrust, thus form a circular fluidization. Nozzles spray liquid from bottom up, and spray direction is the same as product movement direction. Close contact with the material, not only can reduce the atomization liquid and improve the coating efficiency, but also can reduce the adhesion of particle aggregation. With the development of technology, the powder as small as 50μm is also can be coated.

  Features of Wurster system:

  (1),The material can be highly fragmented and un-adhesion during the "coating" period.

  (2),The distance from the droplet to the material should be very short, Water should not be evaporate quickly, the droplet is firmly adherent to the materials。Good performance of spreading ,the coating membranes is film and High ductility

  (3),the opportunity to contact the fog particles should be equal pay, uniform coating

  (4),Less coating materials, uniform coating.

  Procedure Description:

  4. Production capacity

  GHLZ-150 High shear granulators: production capacity 55~144L

  FLZB multifunctional fluid bed : working volume of top spray 12~45L

  working volume of bottom spray 8~38L

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