Chanse Technology development (Jiangsu) Inc. provides professional solutions for pharmaceutical solid preparation. Customers include high-end research institutions and pharmaceutical plants in home and all around the world.

Chanse has core team members with 20 years or more experiences in well-known pharmaceutical companies. Since the foundation of Chanse at the beginning of 2004, we aimed at high-end pharmaceutical equipment. Adhere to independent research and development, our intention has always been to create high-end \"made in China\" brand, to break the overseas import equipment monopoly on domestic high-end pharmaceutical equipment market.

Uphold the idea of 'Keep innovating, Pursuit excellence, Create standards, Serve customers', after 10 years of technology perfection and market accumulation, in recent years, with the increasing concern on the safety of food and drug, the improvement of the national drug safety supervision system, pharmaceutical companies value the pharmaceutical equipment more and more. As a result, Chanse's high-end equipment is getting more and more attention and our company is able to grow explosively. In the recent three years, our company has average compound annual growth rate of over one hundred percent. Since June 2016, Chanse has been listed on NEEQ China.

We have established sales network all over the country, and established long-term cooperative relationship with the dozens of high-end drug research and development institutions, pharmaceutical university and production plants. In equipment process support and solid preparation production pipelining, continuous, intelligent (4.0) industrial areas etc., our technologies are far more advanced than the domestic level, and are in the world's most advanced level.

As the leading brand in the oral solid preparations and s sustained and controlled release preparations, Chanse is ready to take a step further to leading a new technology revolution in pharmaceutical equipment industry and help pharmaceutical plants to upgrade their production process. We will try our best to assist in providing safe and effective drug for the society.

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