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FLZB 1.5 Lab Type Multifunctional Fluid Bed


?nbsp;Closed operation system prevents cross-contamination.
?nbsp;Precise control of temperature with tiny fluctuation range.
?nbsp;"Twin-filter chamber system" ensures the continuance of fluidization.
?nbsp;With advanced German polishing technology, equipment surface is more delicate.
?nbsp;User interface has visualized animation, simple operation, easy to clean.
?nbsp;The key connection parts are imported from Germany, and durable with the high safety factor.
?nbsp;Equipment structure is simple, easy disassembly, no dead angle, easy to clean, cGMP-compliant.
?nbsp;Airflow distribution structure is elaborate-designed, and more uniform, brings higher production efficiency, stable product quality, good reproducibility.
?nbsp;Lab scale, semi-works production and production scale are designed with the same standard,so the effect of amplification from lab scale to production scale is consistent.


High-speed spray gun

1.Outer Recirculation
2.Atomized droplet size is adjustable
3.Atomizing angle is adjustable
4.Atomized particle size is uniform, have no pulse
5.Shorten the time to granulate and coat
6.Comparing with the other spray guns,reduces the dosage of
materials and excipients

Pocket filters

1.Imported 5/10/20/30/50μm anti-static pocket filters
2.High non-blocking
3.Increase product yield
4.Keep the higher ventilation rate
5.The pocket filters are not only prevents cross-contamination,but also easy to clean

Airflow structure

1.Simplified structure with accurate aerodynamics calculation
2.Uniform airflow brings materials to move in uniform circular motion
3.Regulate ascending and descending of materials by airflow speed control,with the performance of spray gun to achieve best results of granulation and coating
4.Adjustable airflow design for different quality, size of materials and different excipients
5.Uniform size distribution of products, and highly effective uniform coating
6.Compared to other fluid beds, can granulate even smaller particles and have two times higher coating efficiency

Technical parameter

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