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FLZB-0.5-Lab Type Multifunctional Fluid Bed(Mini Type)


A Drying: Drying wet materials in negative pressure.
B Granulating: Particles are more uniform, with less fine powder, better liquidity.
C Coating: The functional layer coating on the particles, the pellets and drug powder; also drug cladding layer coating on the particles and pellets.


?nbsp;Compact structure, convenient for moving without occupying too much space. Closed operation system prevents cross-contamination.
?nbsp;Air volume is controlled by the frequency conversion fan, with low energy cost and less noise.
?nbsp;Uniform airflow distribution and precise control of temperature with tiny fluctuation range.
?nbsp;"Three-filter chamber system" ensure the continuance of fluidization.
?nbsp;Using advanced German polishing technology, equipment surface is more delicate.
?nbsp;Equipment structure is simple, easy disassembly, no dead angle, easy to clean.
?nbsp;Airflow distribution structure is elaborate-designed, with high efficiency,uniform airflow more distribution ,high quality and good reproducibility.
?nbsp;The control of equipment electrical appliance is relatively easy, stable and reliable property. Components are easy maintenance and replaced .
?nbsp;Working vessel with flushbonading installation, easy disassembly and easy cleaning.

Technical parameter

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