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Hopper Lifting blender


?nbsp;Widely used in pharmaceutical,
?nbsp;chemical, food and other industries.


?nbsp;Ingenious structure,stable performance, simple operation, no dead angle, no reveal screw
?nbsp;Hopper is 30 degree angled with the rotation axis. As a result, besides original rotation, materials inside hopper are also the shell of the hopper. With moving tangentially to the two movements together, materials are flipping rapidly to blend uniformly.
?nbsp;Using the PLC variable frequency control, blending can be controlled automatically by programming data, with time, rotation speed and other parameters set by process requirements. All data are memorized automatically and can be printed out when needed. All original data are authentic and reliable, accorded with GMP requirements for authenticity and traceability.
?nbsp;Infrared grating isolation device is installed for safeness.
?nbsp;Materials pass through different processes in one container. With lessen transferring and feeding, dust and cross-contamination is effectively controlled. Furthermore, less loss of materials and less layering of materials help optimize the production process, accorded with GMP requirements for pharmaceutical industry.

Technical parameter

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